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Frequently Asked Questions



How does Antidate work?

Antidate is a dating app centered around real world places. Our mission is to help people meet in real life, faster.

The app tells you who the singles are, in the places you already know and love, in real time.

You can join the Antidate crowd for your favourite pub, bar or cafe and see who else is single. Our location feature even shows which Antidaters are checked into those places (live), so you can plan your evening.

When you see an Antidater who catches your eye, you can send likes and messages to them via the app, or go old school and just cross the bar and strike up a real life conversation.

Happy Antidating.

Where can I download Antidate?

Antidate is available on iOS right now. You can download Antidate from the App Store. If you are on Android, we are working on Antidate for Android as a priority, and we then hope to roll out Windows after that.

Why is Antidate not available in my area?

We are are starting Antidate in Hackney, East London to build a strong community. We will be rolling out to other parts of London and other areas soon. Follow us on social or join our mailing list to stay informed of new areas. You can send us a request for your area by filling in this form

My favourite going out place isn't on Antidate, how can I add it?

You can suggest a place to be added to Antidate using this form.

Why do I need to be over 18?

To join the Antidate crowd, you need to be over 18. It's adults only. We want to make sure that everyone is above legal drinking age as there are lots of pubs and bars in the app.

I can't log in.

We manage all logins through Facebook. Check that you have your facebook log in details correct. Any further problems email

The app keeps crashing.

Please forgive us for any bugs. You can report a bug through the app by clicking "Feedback" in the settings section, or emailing and we'll look into your issue.

Are there any rules for Antidate?

To keep our users safe we have a few rules. You can read the details here: App Terms and Conditions and App Privacy Policy


Antidate has changed. Why?

We spent time talking to our Antidaters to work out how we can make the best possible app. We listened and felt that we could do a better job of helping people meet in the real world. So we are putting 'Places before Faces' and want to get people Antidating - meeting people in the places they already know in love in their local area, rather than set up forced, awkward dates.

Some of my profile information has been lost in the update. How can I get it back?

For technical reasons we haven't been able to transfer everyone's profiles to v2. Sorry if that's a pain. Antidaters with the most up to date photos and profiles have the most luck though, so there might be a silver lining for you.

Liking places

How do I like a place?

To like an Antidate place, touch the heart next to the place name. This will turn it red.

What happens when I like a place?

When you like a place, you will be added to the Antidater crowd for that place. The place will also be added to your profile, so when other Antidaters view your profile, they will see which places you like to go to.

You can control which Antidaters can see you profile by setting your visibility preferences.

Visibility preferences

Who can see me in the app?

Visibility preferences are how you can control which Antidaters can see you on the app. You decide whether you want to be seen by men, women or everyone. If you are a woman, you have the option to be 'Anonymous' - this means that no one will see your profile.

You will be shown as part of the Antidate crowd at the places you like going to. If you don't like any places, your profile won't be visible at all.

What's Anonymous mode?

To enhance security and to give them control, women have the option to keep their profiles 'Anonymous'. This means that no one will see their profile information, unless they make the first move by sending a like or a chat message.

Why is Anonymous mode just for women?

Our Antidate girls from v1 loved the ability to be anonymous. Our Antidate boys from v1 didn't complain. So we've carried this forward to v2.

Liking and chatting

How do I show another Antidater I like them?

Touch the heart on another Antidater's profile to show that you like them. They will receive a notification.

What's a mutual like?

This is shown when you both like each other.

How can I unlike another Antidater?

To unlike, just touch the heart again to turn it back to white.

How can I chat to another Antidater?

Just go ahead and start a chat. You don't need to have a mutual like to start messaging.

What is the meet in real life feature?

Once you start chatting with someone, if you like them and want to meet up with them hit the' Meet in Real Life' button. They won't know you want to meet them, unless they hit the button too. When it's mutual you will both get an alert and can organise meeting up :)

My messages are not going through

Check that you have a good wifi or 3G/4G signal. If the problem persists, contact us at .

Can I delete a conversation?

Swipe left on the message in your messages inbox to delete.


How do I turn off push and sound notifications?

You can turn off push notifications via the Settings tab in the Antidate app. You can turn the sound notifications off via your iPhone settings. Settings > Notifications > Antidate > Sounds


Why do I need Facebook for Antidate?

We use Facebook to make it super quick to join Antidate with minimal steps. Your name, age gender and profile pictures are taken from Facebook to create your profile. You can then choose your best photos for your Antidate profile picture.

Does Antidate post to my Facebook wall?

No. We will never post to your Facebook wall. We only use Facebook information to get your profile set up nice and quickly.

Can I sign into Antidate without using Facebook?

Not at the moment. We use Facebook right now to make it super quick to join Antidate with minimal steps.

My Profile

How do I edit my profile?

Click the hexagon icon to visit Your Profile. Click the pencil on your photo and you can edit your photos, take a recent selfie to become a certified Antidater, plus add a bio to explain a little about yourself and what you are looking for. Having a great bio and lots of photos will help you find a like minded connection with another Antidater.

What is a certified Antidater?

By adding an Antidate selfie you can prove to other users that one of your photos is really you in recent times. Holiday photos from a while ago are nice, but most people want to know what you really look like :) Your selfie photo will have the certified blue tick. You can add your selfie in the photo edit section.

How do I change my username?

It's not possible to change your username. We take your first name from your Facebook profile.

How can I change my age?

We take your age information from your Facebook profile, so it's not possible to change your age within Antidate.

How can I change who I want to see or be seen by?

You can easily change your visibility preferences on Your Profile page.


How can I change my profile photos?

Click on the pencil on your photo in Settings, and then click on the camera icon and you can edit your photos. Antidate takes your most recent Facebook profile pictures. You can easily delete these and select new photos from all your Facebook photos, or take a selfie to become a certified Antidater. Top tip - great photos increase your chances of finding a match.

I can't upload a photo

You can add photos that have previously been posted to Facebook or take a selfie for your profile. We don't offer the option to access your camera roll at the moment. The main reason for this is to avoid inappropriate photos being uploaded to Antidate. If you want to include an image that isn't already on your Facebook, then post it to Facebook first and you'll then be able to find it on Antidate.

Bad behaviour

Someone is bothering me, what should I do?

If someone is bothering you on Antidate, you can choose to either block them (they will no longer see your profile in the app and will be unable to contact you anymore), or if it is a serious issue, please report them to us.

How I report someone?

We don't like people behaving badly on Antidate so please report any serious issues you experience to us. To report someone: visit the offending Antidater's profile and click on the three dots in the top right corner. This will bring up the option to report abuse. Make sure to include the reasons for reporting someone. We will review the reasons and get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I block someone?

When you block someone, they will be unable to view your profile or contact you. To block another Antidater, click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of their profile and choose the block option. You can add your reason for blocking someone to help us understand how people are getting on in the Antidate app. You can unblock a user if you change your mind later.

Can I unblock someone?

To unblock someone, scroll to the bottom of "Your Profile" and click on Blocked users. You can see the Antidaters you have blocked and choose to unblock them.


Why does Antidate need to use my location?

Antidate works best when it knows your location as it can then tell you how far away you are from other Antidaters and Antidate places. You will be shown more accurate information if you provide location access. You can keep your location information private to Antidate, or choose to "Show Location" to other Antidaters when you visit an Antidate venue. You can control this on Your Profile page.

How can I enable or disable location services?

Visit Settings, then Privacy, then Location Services within your iPhone settings.

What happens when I turn "Show Location" on?

When you visit an Antidate place, such as The Spurstowe Arms in Hackney, Antidate will check you in, by showing a little green location icon on your profile. This icon shows Antidaters that you are at an Antidate place. When your phone leaves that location, the green location icon will disappear again.

You have full control of "Show location". Turn it on when you are up for showing everyone where you are, turn it off when you want to remain incognito.

I don't want people to see where I am, can I still use Antidate?

Yes, just turn "Show location" in settings to off. You can still use all other Antidate functionality.


How do I delete my account?

If you really want to leave Antidate, you can delete your account by hitting "Delete account" in your profile section. This will remove your profile from the app and our servers. If you want to use Antidate in the future, you will need to sign up again.

My account has been suspended, what should I do?

Drop us an email on .

What happens if I hide my account?

Hiding your account will hide your profile from all other Antidaters except those you've already connected with.


Please see our Safe Dating tips

Please see our Safe Dating tips.

Please see some Sexual Health tips here

Please see some Sexual Health tips here

Still have questions?

If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, drop us an email at .